cost is calculated based on the number of hours needed for your conversion.

There is an hourly fee for all the customization we do for you, and then a fixed license fee for the use of the software, which is an additional percentage of the total hourly fee.


The cost of a Quick Conversion is dependend on the number of changes you need made, and your average cost per change.

You can save 50% or more on your programming costs, and finish your project many of hours sooner using Quick Converter.

Multi-Client Licenses
Companys converting multiple client sites pay the above amount for the one-time conversion license - which includes one client site, and then a small additional fee for each additional client site.


Other Related Products in the



The Enforcer
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Custom designed for your application, keeps your future releases in line with your conversion...

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Reverse Menu System
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Custom designed for your application, RMS allows your Testers and Programmers to enter a routine name, and see a flow chart of all the menu options which call that routine, including branching logic and screen displays.

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Error Grouper
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Custom designed for your application, the Error Grouper combines like-errors to vastly reduce your testing load.

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The QA Package
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The consists of the complete
set of testing tools listed above
which you can buy separately, or as a package for a reduced price.

Each utility will be customized for
your application code by our staff.

Taken together, they can shorten your testing cycle by factors of 10 to 100