Lab Software
DSM-Cache Conversion
44,000 Changes

National Laboratory software package running DSM decided to port to Cache.

Estimates for manual conversion were from 5-7 man-years (FTE's).

took 9 weeks using one part-time employee.


Electronic Banking System
Standardized Fee Coding
80 Fees

An ATM software package had evolved 80 different fees over time, each coded any way the programmer-de-jour thought to do it. Manual conversion was taking weeks to convert each fee.

converted all 80 fees in the time it would have taken to convert one fee.

As a result of standardized code, new fees can now be added without any new programming (just adding data into a fee database).

Banking Application
Standardized Audit Trail
25,000 changes

Every time this legacy banking application made a change to any account, it manually set an audit trail global.

converted each of these into a single, standard function call.

As a result, besides federal regulation compliance, the application now has an "UNDO" function for erroneous filings and a DEBUG function for tracing errors..

DSM-Cache Conversion

Project underway to convert VistA Hospital software using