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Employment History

CEO Rapid Rivers, Inc.                           2006-Present.

CEO Rivers Consulting                                          1985-Present.

CEO Simple Windows, Inc.                                    1997-1998.

            System Manager and Programmer/Analyst       1978-85.

            Owned and Operated Restaurant                                     1975-78.

            Director of Workshops on Communication        1981-Present.


Skill List

Languages: M(UMPS), Cache Object Script, WebLink, HTML, JavaScript, Java, GL, PCL, SQL, MIIS, Perl, Tcl/Tk, PASCAL, FORTRAN, SAS, SPSS, Visual BASIC.


            WWW:           Web site design in Cache WebLink, HTML, JavaScript and Perl.


            Medical:      HL7, Antrim, IDX, DHCP/VistA, KERNEL, VA FileManager

                                    Pharmacy, Lab, Billing, Surgery Scheduling, Case Cart


Other:           Report Generators, M Laser Printing (fonts and graphics), Interfacing M and non-M machines, Billing Code Generators,

                                    Robotics, Interfacing to DOS/Windows applications


        Max Rivers has been programming for over 25 years, almost exclusively in M/Cache. Besides expertise in a wide range of real world projects. His training as a communications facilitator and mediator creates a level of ease with both technical and non-technical staff to create projects that meet the needs of all involved. He has a history of successfully creating easy to use, well documented software, for projects that were considered too difficult to tackle or too time consuming for in-house staff, most often significantly below cost and time estimates of management. His specialty is solving software problems in the extremely-difficult to impossible range, and writing reusable software tools.


Max was one of the first to be certified as a “Cache Certified Expert.” Since 1998, Max has specialized in WebLink – the web front-end to Cache/MUMPS databases. He has written several Cache/Web utilities including “WebLink Server Pages”, a program which emulates many of the advantages of Cache’s Object-only web utility, CSP, making these functions available to non-object MUMPS databases; and a “WebLink Printer Utility” which makes for easy conversion of MUMPS reports into Adobe Reader documents that can be viewed and printed from a browser.

In recent years, Max developed , a utility for automating the convertion of MUMPS/Cache systems, most notably from DSM to Cache.



Resume of Max Rivers



Apr2006-Present Quest Diagnostics. (Laboratory Software)

Automated update of 44,000 lines of code in Y2K-like conversion.


Sep2004-Dec2005 Users, Inc. (Credit Union Software)

Automated update of 200 routines across applications in Y2K-like conversion. Redesigned fee structure of 10,000 routine banking system so new fees could be created as data with no new coding required. Converted batch fees to real-time process.


Jun2003- Feb2004            Networking M Applications (Cache on Multiple Platforms)

Design and specifications for several networked Cache applications (including international airline ticketing system, state-wide prison prescription system and national patient care system).


Jan2002- Feb2003            Automated Code Generator (Cache WebLink on Windows)

Designed and prototyped third-generation code generator which took antiquated M database driven character-based front-end and automatically converted code to HTML, XML or VB.


Sep2002- Dec2002 M/SQL-MS/SQL Comparison (Cache M/SQL on Windows)

Designed parallel systems in M/SQL and MS/SQL to demonstrate viability of M/SQL in Windows environment.


Jun2000- Dec2002 WebLink Application (Cache on NT)

Redesigned and coded WebLink Registration and Scheduling application as a new path into a 20 year-old MUMPS billing system.. The FrontDesk WebLink application exclusively uses the original software’s filer code so both versions can co-exist. This also shortened the development cycle considerably.


Jan1999- Jun2000 WebLink Applications (Cache on NT)

Designed and coded interactive web portal for the M Technical Association. Also a matchmaking website. Browser front-ends interact with MUMPS databases.


Jan1998- Present Automated Web Applications (M on Windows, JavaScript on Unix)

Designed and coded shopping cart system for online registration. Quarterly catalog’s text is run through M program which generates HTML and JavaScript to convert into interactive registration system.


Jan1998- Jun1999 Windowing Utility in M (All versions of MUMPS on all platforms)

Designed and coded windowing API for MUMPS called Simple Windows in M (S.W.I.M.). Wrote networking and licensing software as well as designing a visual programming tool, Visual SWIM; and an M-to-HTML generator.


Jan1997- Dec1998  Automated Lab Robotics System (DTM MUMPS on PC)

Developed mouse activated Auto-Calculation software to analyze data from multiple Tecan Automated Pipetting robots and Plate Readers. Two second turn-around per plate, compared to 12 hours by hand. Software also automates transmission of results into Antrim Lab system.


Jun1998- Jun1999  Laser Report Software (Several versions of MUMPS)

M Software utility which converts reports from lab system into laser reports: Multiple fonts, sizes, bold, underline, etc. with graphical elements such as lines, boxes, graphs, electronic signature, color, logos, etc. Also faxable with laser quality results.


Jan1996- Jun1999  Quest Diagnostics (Antrim Lab Software)

Developed input screens to standard Antrim billing routines which decreased input time by 90%. Wrote in-house management reports which were so useful to staff, that when they moved to COBOL system which didn’t give them the same views into the data, the billing clerks took up a collection from their own pockets to hire me to add this same functionality to the new system.


Jan1993- Jun1994  Robotics Manufacturing System (DTM MUMPS on PC)

M full screen, color front end helps unsophisticated users select a color formula, and then the software stirs the colorants, moves stepper motors to precise locations, raises the can to the spout and pumps out exact amounts of colorant (up to 128th of an ounce). Because of European customer base, all system interaction had to be language independent - prompts run by multilingual database.


Jan1992- Jun1992    Pharmacy Robotics at the VA Brooklyn (MUMPS on Vax's).

Interfaced DHCP Pharmacy package's ability to print RX labels with Robotic Baker Cell Counter, so that as the label printed, the correct number of pills were dropped into the chute.


Jun1990- Dec1991   Interface Manager for VA DHCP (DSM MUMPS on VAX)

Designed and prototyped a FileManager compatible communication utility package based on the HL7 standard, which allows for programmerless interfacing of the DHCP to external systems. Envisioned as extension to VA KERNEL (idea subsequently adopted by VA KERNEL).


Jun1992- Dec1992    Antrim BC/BS Billing Customization (ISM MUMPS on PDP)

Antrim's inability to combine multiple tests into payable ICD9 code groups was costing labs thousands of dollars in reimbursements. Wrote custom package which combined data as needed by insurer, translated paper report into auto-dialing, auto-download to insurer, and split returned moneys back into individual tests for filing in Billing system.


Jan1990- Dec1996   Attorney Time & Billing Customization (ISM MUMPS on PDP)

Major Boston based Law Firm (>100 attorneys) required customization of TrustWare Legal Billing system. Networked copy machines and phone system to be automatically included with client bills. Wrote generic report generator with laser output. Interfaced all secretary's Word Processing terminals to MUMPS billing machine and wrote a MUMPS routine which emulates Unix word processor so Time and Disbursement reports file directly into client file.


Jan1988- Dec1990   O.R. Scheduling at Brigham & Women's  (MIIS on DG's).

Wrote MIIS interface to color PC-based commercial system. MIIS converted raw data into visual charts which where then displayed on video terminals around the hospital. Incoming data also connect with Case Cart System (which I re-wrote) so each surgeon could request special set of surgical tools at time of scheduling surgery.


Jan1984- Jun1988   MUMPS Collaborative Consultant  (MUMPS on PDP’s).

Wrote customize interfaces for Surgical Pathology package to existing MIS systems.


Jan1980- Jun1985   Office Based Rheumatology System (MUMPS on PDP's).

Transformed a large Cancer Data Management research system into a user friendly package for use in small Rheumatology practices. Also Statistician using SPSS and SAS for Rheumatology Research.



Jun1978- Aug1980  Social Science Statistician (SPSS on Mainframe).

Statistician using SPSS for Gender Role Research.




            1975-Present  —Computer Science courses at Boston University

—Statistical Analysis and Computer Science at Colorado University.


            1969-1975       —Bachelor of Science from Temple University, Philadelphia.



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