Lab Software
DSM-Cache Conversion
44,000 Changes

" is awesome! We were going to hire 7 programmers and were looking into outsourcing to India.

Instead, we finished ahead of schedule and way under budget.

And our QA department can't believe what did for them! Besides shortening their task by weeks, and giving them comprehensive test reports, the added tools helped them test code no one thought was possible to test!"

-Manager DSM-Cache Conversion


Electronic Banking System
Standardize Audit Trail
25,000 changes

"This conversion was the second largest our company has ever done, after Y2K. That change took so much of our staff's time, we halted any new development for months, and barely kept our customers supported.

took only a few weeks, and required only a few meetings on the part of our staff. Our customers never even noticed that we'd made a huge change in the software, until they saw the benefits!"

  - Head of Programming Department